Photos from 2005

Lex - 3 months old
Visiting home
Enfield, NH: September, 2005
Random pictures including Alan's new haircut, a picnic in the backyard, my first day back to work, big BIG baby smiles, a visit to Kimball's and meeting the bunny.

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Lex - 2 months old
Sleeping baby
Enfield, NH: August 27/28, 2005
Lots of pictures of Lex sleeping and playing. Also includes a day with the Johnson family, a visit from Jim and Julie, and lots of tummy time. Nothing overly exciting, just a cutie baby.

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Visiting home
Franklin, NY: August 27/28, 2005
We took a nice weekend visit to my parents house. Went to Old Franklin Days, met some old classmates, enjoyed a warm and relaxing weekend. Always a pleasure.

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Grandpa's 80th Birthday Party
Family reunion!
Grafton, NH: August 11-13, 2005
My grandpa turns 80 next month, so as a suprise we threw him a birthday party this month. Why, you say? Because. So the whole family got together including distant uncles and cousins. It was great. These are pictures from the party, from working/chilling at Grandpa's house the next day, and a little excursion my mom and I took with Lex the following day.

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Lex - Week 8
Mommy and me
Enfield, NH: July 2005
Ok, I think I have my weeks mixed up now since the dates don't seem to be working out right. I think I'm going to stop posting by week. I'll come up with some other method of organization :) This week includes pictures of dinner with Ron & Laura, a visit from Jim & Julie, and Lex in his new jumper.

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Lex - Week 7 (or 8??)
Mommy and me
Enfield, NH: July 2005
I'm starting to get my weeks and photos confused. This week includes a visit from Alan's parents.

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Long Island
E. Northport, NY: July 8-10, 2005
As a last-minute surprise we drove down to Long Island to visit my Grandma and my parents and sister. They were going down to help Grandma pack up. She's moving up my way :) We didn't get much packing done, but we had fun anyway.

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Lex - Week 6 (ish)
Biiiig yawn
Enfield, NH: June 29 - July 11, 2005
Here are just a few photos of us hanging out. Nothing too exciting, but there are a few cute ones of Lex in his wiggle worm outfit.

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4th of July
Mommy and me
Nashua, NH: July 4th, 2005
Alan's parents hosted a really great picnic for everyone in their building (they live in condos). Everyone who came brough a dish of some sort. It was a good time. His mom also bought matching outfits for all of the kids, including a boy who is just one day older than Lex. The weather was perfect and we had a great time (even though we didn't get any fireworks).

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Lex - Week 5
Playdate with Desmond
Enfield, NH: June 22-28, 2005
One month old and still the subject of lots of photos. This week's photos include sleeping on daddy, various pictures in public places, and a playdate with Desmond.

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Lex - Week 4
Lex with his plug
Enfield, NH: June 15-21, 2005
More pics. No major events, just hanging out around the house and lots of sleeping.

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Lex - Week 3
Lex in his cutie hat
Enfield, NH: June 8-14, 2005
Tons of photos. Don't mind the first few pages where Lex is in a pink onsie. Someone gave us a few pink ones at the baby shower and since onsies are in demand, we sometimes put him in the pink ones for bedtime. I'm sure his manhood will survive. Other photos include a visit from Jim and Julie, a visit from Joan and Jericka, bath time, a yawn series, and other miscellaneous pictures. Some are out of order, some have captions, you just never know what you'll get. Take a look!

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Lex - Week 2
Lex and Alan
Enfield, NH: June 1-7, 2005
More photos. Fewer than week 1 though :) Sadly we forgot our camera on the big day we went to Kimball's for ice cream and Grandpa Johnson's birthday. Pictures include his first nail cutting, new belly button, visit from my Grandma and Grandpa, and visit from Lauren.

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Lex - Week 1
Sleeping baby
Enfield, NH: May 25-30, 2005
Since we have so many pictures and no real good way to divide them, I'm just going to do it by week for awhile. I'm sure we'll stop being so shutter happy as Lex gets older. Then we'll go back to the old way of doing things. Until then... here are a ton of photos of Lex's first week.

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Baby Lex at the hospital
Brandy new baby
Lebanon, NH: May 25, 2005
Alexander William Johnson arrived at 7:41 on May 25, 2005. Here are the pictures of him (and us) while still in the hospital.

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Pre-baby Pictures
Enfield, NH: Aug 2004 - May 2005
This format is a bit different then what's normally done here, but I wanted to just post a bunch of belly pics, and other baby-related pictures that were all taken before baby actually comes out.

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Mike & Andrea's Wedding
Mike & Andrea
Lake Orion, MI: April 8, 2005
Our very bestman Mike Wunderlich finally tied the knot with his lovely lady Andrea. Alan and I went out to Detroit for a mini vacation. It was beautiful weather, we rented a great car, saw old friends from college and even made it to the wedding!

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Baby Shower
Tessa with a crazy ribbon hat
Nashua, NH: March 26, 2005
I am such a lucky girl! Alan's mom, sister, and my friend Julie threw me a great baby shower. Lots of friends and family attended and there were soooo many presents! Baby zig is a pretty lucky kid :)

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