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Mike & Andrea's Wedding

Lake Orion, MI
April 8, 2005
We took so many pictures while we were out visiting for Mike's wedding. I thought that instead of trying to make one huge page, it would be better to break it up by day/event. Choose from one of the following seven photos below to view more from that day/event.

The day before the wedding
Picking up tuxes and hanging out at Mike's. We did other stuff (lots of eating), but nothing terribly photo-worthy.
The wedding rehearsal
Denise and I hung out at the rehearsal. Denise is Chad's wife and lots of fun. The pics aren't terribly interesting though :)
The rehearsal dinner
Mike's parents put on a great rehearsal dinner. The food was yummy and more old friends from college joined the party.
Mike's final night as a bachelor
The post party party... or pre-wedding party, depending on how you want to look at it. I think my camera got beer goggles towards the end of the night :)
Before the wedding
Before the wedding I hung out with Amy, Ian, and Jarrett. However, Alan had the camera so there are no pictures from that. Instead we have lots of pictures of men in suits hanging on out Mike's lawn. Lesson learned - you can dress them up, but ... well, you all know that lesson.
Mike & Andrea's wedding
Unfortunately my group arrived a bit late for the wedding (traffic was horrible!!) so there are no pictures of the party coming in. Then I was camera deficient on the way out. Lesson learned - check out the professional photographers photos instead of mine :)
The reception
The reception was a lot of fun. Good food, good people, long night - all signs of a good party.