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Halloween 2007
Wilder, VT: October 31, 2007
We had a fun Halloween this year. Lex was a monkey and Eve was a duck. We spent the morning at a special Halloween playgroup and spent the evening wandering around the neighborhood looking for goodies. (These pictures are all out of order, but it doesn't really matter.)

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Julie's Baby shower
Wilder, VT: October 27, 2007
Julie's sister-in-law threw her a fantastic baby shower and we were lucky enough to be invited. While the men (and Lex) ate BBQ and ice cream, the ladies decorated bibs, played games, ate yummy food, and had lots of laughs. Oh yeah, and baby presents galore.

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October 2007
Wilder, VT: October 2007

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Mark & Barbara's Wedding
Mark & Barbara's Wedding
New Castle, DE July 7, 2007
We rented a minivan, picked up Joyce and my parents and caravaned down to DE for Mark & Barbara's wedding. It was great fun! The wedding was beautiful, the old college crowd is as comfortable as ever, and Alan and I got some good time to hang out since the entourage (my family) was there to take care of the kids. A good time was had by all.

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Lex's 2nd Birthday
Happy Birthday Lex!
Wilder, VT: May 25, 2007
Happy Birthday Lex! We celebrated the day with a trip to The Picture People to get pictures of Lex and Eve. It was a bit of a challenge to get them both smiling, but we got some good pictures. He got to ride on the carousel afterwards, so he was happy. That weekend we had everyone over for a big birthday bash. There was new swingset, lots of food, fun, friends, family... what more could a 2yr old want?

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Welcome Eve!
Tiny baby Eve
Lebanon, NH March 31, 2007
Evelyn Rose Johnson arrived at 10:55am on March 31, 2007. Labor was quick and all went well. Here are pictures from the hospital.

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