Photos from 2001

Christmas 2001
Rosy at Christmas
Enfield, NH: December 24/25, 2001
Christmas! What else can I say.

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Grandma's Surprise Party
E. Northport, NY: October 20, 2001
For Grandma's 75th birthday her loving family threw her a surprise party. Family from around the country was in attendance. We all arrived in the area Friday night and surprised her at breakfast on Saturday. It was lots of fun!

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Castle in the Clouds
Castle in the Clouds
Moultonborough, NH: August 18, 2001
Castle in the Clouds is a majestic 5,200-acre moutain estate. We went to get some ideas for our castle ;)

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Joyce's Graduation
Franklin, NY: June 22, 2001
My little sister graduated from good ol' FCS this year. For those of you who missed the momentous event, here are the pics we took. A bunch of them are of Joyce's friends, so they'd probably only interest the Colliers living in Franklin. And Joyce and her friends, of course. :)

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A rainbow off of our back porch
Nashua, NH: June 2001
We have had some awesome storms this spring. After one of the storms we saw 2 rainbows (double rainbow?) behind our house. It was so beautiful. We just had to take pictures :) We're thinking of using one of these pictures when we are ready to sell the house. They make the whole place look kind of magical. In my opinion anyway :)

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