Photos from 2004

Christmas at Grandpa's
Enfield, NH: December 24-26, 2004
Another fun Christmas in Enfield. This time we live here too! We split up the parties so all of the kids slept at our house. We also had lunch here on Christmas day. That was fun.

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Lebanon, NH: December 17, 2004
We got to see little Zig. Yay! We saw lots of healthy body parts, though the lady didn't go "down there" because we don't want to know if its a boy or girl. The midwife said everything looks great and normal and if everything goes well from here on these will be the only photos we get until the big day.

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Grantham, NH: December 11, 2004
Through a group called Good Beginnings, I volunteered with a family in Grantham for several month. One night they went out and Alan and I babysat. We had a great time. These kids are so much fun!

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Washington DC
Washington, DC: October 13 - 17, 2004
For our first vacation in forever, we took a few days in Washington DC. Neither of us has been there before (not counting driving through), and we had a blast just kicking around, napping when we wanted to, and just relaxing in general.

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Announcing the Pregnancy
Nashua, NH: September 26, 2004
See how Alan's mom reacts to the news...

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