Photos from 2000

Christmas in NYC
Christmas in NYC
New York City: December 23, 2000
Since Christmas was in Long Island this year we took a day and went into the city to see all of the wonderful Christmas sites.

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Newport, RI
Newport Mansion
Newport, RI: December 22, 2000
On the way down to Long Island we stopped in Newport, RI to see some of the mansions. Trying to get ideas for our castle... They were all very decked out for Christmas. It was even nice enough to snow for us to make everything extra Christmasy.

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Mt. Washington
Mt. Washington
Mt. Washington: September 30, 2000
Since the weather is so beautiful and none of us had gone before, Alan, Ritti and I hopped in the car and drove up to Mt. Washington in northern NH. It was a beautiful fall day and a great chance to put the new car to the ultimate test :)

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Mallorca, Spain
Mallorca, Spain: May 5-13, 2000
Alan and I went to Mallorca, Spain for our honeymoon. The condo we stayed in was thanks to Grandma and Carolyn. Thank you both so much!!! Here are a bunch of photos from Mallorca and Menorca (a nearby island). Our trip site went over so well that we decided to do a similary thing for the honeymoon. Unfortunately the photos are pretty big. We apologize to those of you on slower connections. We sacraficed some image quality for smaller size, but we can only take it so far. So... start the page going and go grab a cup of coffee. Then enjoy!!

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Our Wedding: Thursday, May 4, 2000
The big day finally arrives....and we didn't have our digital camera! Luckily our bestman (and what a bestman!) had his. The following pics are all compliments of Mike Wunderlich's camera. Thanks Mike!

We got the professional photos back recently, so we'll try and get some of them scanned and posted soon.

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San Francisco
Us in San Francisco
San Francisco: March, 2000
Alan had to go to San Francisco this past March for business. At the time I wasn't really employeed and Questra is really cool about flying families when an employee has to travel, so I got to spend a week in CA with him. We were staying just outside of San Francisco. Here are a bunch of pictures we took while tooling around for the week.

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