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Zig's First Photos

We went in for our one (and probably only) ultrasound on December 17th, which was about 19 weeks along. The baby was lying at a crooked angle (and moving, alot!) so the ultrasound technician wasn't able to get a good profile of the whole baby, but it was amazing just seeing it live on the monitor. We saw the baby moving its arms and legs, opening its mouth, turning its head, and even hiccuping. As everyone who has ever had a child knows, it was awesome!

The tech gave us a report to give the midwife, and we of course read it in the waiting room before our appointment. It said that everything is normal, the baby is measuring fine, heartbeat was 146, etc. Very boring, but exactly what we wanted to see :)

Here is the best of the ultrasound pics. It looks like the baby is sucking its thumb, but really it was just moving its arms around and the tech caught it right then. Baby J

Here are all 6 of the pictures she gave us. You can't see much detail other than the foot and leg in the first two pics on the left. All 6 pictures of Baby J