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Baby Shower

Nashua, NH
I am such a lucky girl! Alan's mom, sister, and our friend Julie threw me a great baby shower. Lots of friends and family attended and there were soooo many presents! Baby zig is a pretty lucky kid :)

Let the party begin! See all those presents on the table? That was just the beginning!
Hehhehe.. my "baby under construction" t-shirt. Not sure I'll have too may suitable place to wear it, but the baby shower seemed ideal.
Me and Grandma
Julie Kirkwood! Julie did a great job of planning party games. We had a lot of fun choosing a baby (well, a grown up baby anyway) and picking baby food, and unscrambling words and all that good stuff.
And here is Lynn (Alan's mom). I'm not sure what she's doing here, but she doesn't look too happy :/ I assure you she put together a fabulous party and was happy for it :)
Jericka and Joan
The centerpiece. Which ended up being a gift in and of itself.
Look at all the food! (the Doritos in the back were my contribution ;) )
Amanda enjoying the food :)
Cute little party favors. They had jelly beans and little plastic babies in them.
Time for presents. That doesn't really look like a preggo belly, does it? :/
That's Buse in the front. She lives upstairs from Alan's parents. Her mom came to the party and brought her and her baby brother Attila.
More presents...
A basketful of lotions and goodies from Amanda.
And a little music box that plays... well, I forget right now but it's in the other room so I'll remind myself soon.
The present pile is getting smaller and Buse seems to have lost interest in watching me open them :)
Yay, baby toys!
Amanda demonstrates how a swaddling blanket works. I think it's a little small for her though.
Look at the tiny clothes!
Ack! Buried in presents.
Or maybe it's the photographer (Rosy? Mom?) who is buried in presents :)
Close up of Julie's head. I think that's me in the background wearing a cutie baby hat too.
More tiny clothes. Jericka really liked this outfit. I think it has a little frog on the butt. Very cute.
What's a Collier family get-together without someone making this face??
Trying to make a flat paperplate hat fit on my round noggin...
Almost got it... don't move...
Got it! Yay!! (then it promptly fell off)
This beautiful quilt was made by Alan's mom. In the middle she embroidered everyone's signature. It's pretty cool.