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Questra Holiday Party
Questra's Holiday Party
Questra's Holiday Party: December, 1999
Alan is currently employed at Questra in Burlington, MA. Here are a bunch of pictures of their holiday party at a ritzy restaurant in Boston.

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Alan & Tessa
Tessa's Birthday: November 12, 1999
Alan told my mom he'd take pictures of my birthday day. It was a big day of movies, and gift registering, and passports, and and and .... Turns out it was just an excuse to photograph the main event at dinner. (Alan wrote the captions on the page, so don't mind the point-of-view switch)

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USA Trip
USA Trip: May 18- June 5, 1999
We got a digital camera for graduation (thanks momma collier!) and we took it with us for our whirlwind 3 week trip around the country. Each night (well, most nights anyway) we uploaded pictures of our day to this site so that family and friends could follow with us. It was a lot of fun!

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Graduation: May 16, 1999
On May 16, 1999 a whole bunch of us graduated from Syracuse University. Yay!! Here are some fun shots we took at the ceremonies and afterwards.

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