Photos from 2003

Wing Festival
Buffalo, NY: August 30, 2003
One crazy weekend we accompanied Jim and Julie out to Buffalo NY for the 2nd Annual Buffalo Wing Festival. Lots of wings were eaten and lots of bellies felt ill, but everyone had a great time. These photos are from Julie (thanks Julie!!) because Alan and I forgot our camera (slackers!).

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Mt. Cardigan
Mt. Cardigan, NH: August 23, 2003
Not knowing what we were in for, Jim, Julie, Alan and I headed off to find the top of Mt. Cardigan on a lovely Saturday afternoon. And after a short drive and a 1.5 mile hike directly up, we finally found the top. It was beautiful and well worth the trip.

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La Malbaie
La Malbaie, Quebec: August 8-11, 2003
This past spring we added a third member to the FINOWEN team, Luc Beaubien. This August he invited Alan and I to visit his family's summer house in La Malbaie, Quebec. It was a 7ish hour drive up there, but it was well worth it. We stayed in his neat house and met his mother and his sister (and her family). We did some exploring and joined the cocktail circuit with Luc and his wife, Jenny. Overall we had a great time.

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Balloon Festival
Hillsboro, NH: July 12, 2003
Just for kicks we went to the Balloon Festival in Hillsboro this year. It was pretty much a typical country fair :) The weather was decent, but unfortunately it wasn't good enough for the balloons to launch. Instead they just inflated them and left them tethered. It was kind of neat anyway.

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Nashua, NH: July 5, 2003
This year Nashua celebrates its 150th birthday. Celebratory events are being held all year. Alan, Mike Heroux, and I went to see the birthday parade on Main St.

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Rosy's Graduation
Bronx, NY: May 17, 2003
On a lovely day in May, Rosy graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Fordham University. We are all very proud :) After her graduation we went to Grandma and Carolyn's house for a party. Lots of fun.

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Lowell, MA: March 26, 2003
LowellCHI invited John Morrell, Dynamics and Software Development Manager for Segway, in to talk about the interface design and work that went into the Segway. He also, of course, brought a Segway along with him. After the presentation (which was excellent, by the way) we all got to ride the Segway. Yay!

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Beach Party
Woburn, MA: March 1, 2003
Jim and Julie decided they were tired of winter and wanted to go to the beach. So they threw a beach party! We cranked up the heat and drank frosty beverages. It was a great time.

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