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Christmas 2004

Christmas was great this year. We made a really long table downstairs for meals so there was lots of room, and we all made food for dinnner so there was lots of good food on the table :) On Christmas Day we had lunch at our house and played a rousing game of DVD Trivial Pursuit. I forget who won, but does it even matter? :) Mandy joined us for Christmas this year, and Alan's parents came up on Christmas day to help us celebrate and eat lots of food. It was really nice. It was also mine and Alan's last Christmas as a childless couple!

(I think someone was getting fancy with the camera this year, so we ended up with a lot of yellowish, out of focus pictures.)
Alan put up the tree this year and Barney did the lights. I helped by wearing the lights around my neck and putting them on other people's heads like crowns.
Grandma and Katie socializing.
Mom, Dad, and Joyce socializing.
Joyce making the face I love.
A series of yellowish profiles...
Katie, the skirt goes on the tree!
Christmas eve tree decorating.
Christmas morning. I think Mandy had fun :)
Dad admiring the laser light levels that Barney and Alan got. Think Dad is jealous?
I hope that present isn't fragile!
Dad. Artistic.
Rosy opening presents.
Alan is very excited about his laser light level.
Mom opening the "Cutie Pie" photo album we got her for Christmas.
Grandpa looks confused by this present.
Lottery tickets are always a crowd pleaser with the Colliers.
Surrounded by presents.
Look out Mom!! Oh, just the laser light. I guess you're safe.
The beginning of the Clemson presents. I think we have a student in our midst.
I don't know what Mom is opening, but she seems to like it.
Grandma and Carolyn putting a dent in their pile o' presents.
Ohh... lovely shirts. I hope I get one ;)
Dad got a 10 pound chocolate bar!!
Look, I'm reading a Christmas card.
I got an exercise ball and Alan filled it up for me. Isn't that nice of him.
Rosy is all done with her presents and watching the parents.
It's a Clemson Mom. I'm not sure what to make of Dad's expression though. :)
Katie got a really cool clock. That's definitely fragile.
I can still see the floor. We need more presents!
Doesn't this look like a "write your own caption" photo? I think there was a story behind it, but I don't really remember what it was. The photo stands on its own well though :)
Joyce surveying the goods.
Alan is still working on that exercise ball.
Barney looks like he's up to something.
Joyce, what has college done to you?!?
Ohh... This pillow was a big hit. Look for more appearances in future photos. I think it was actually a gift for Rosy's friend.
Barney looks 10 feet tall!
Alan only has "this much" left.
Aren't they cute!
This looks kind of artistic too.
And the picture you've all been waiting for! Special thanks to Carl and Deb for the matching outfits. And special thanks to Amanda for her professional photography skills.
Hi Family!!
(We put this up on the TV on Christmas day and it looked really funny when you switch back and forth between the two pictures. Someday we might make an animated version, but right now life is just too busy. Sorry!)
Homey-B also looked good animated. Someday...
Alan's parents came up in the afternoon and so we did presents with them. Now begins the newest generation of grandparents gifts. Not sure he's happy about this though.
She is happy behind that shirt!
Lots of baby stuff for the soon-to-be grandma.
Rosy looks happy, I think.
A yellowish Joyce.
There is the lovely tree.
What's going on here?!?!
The annual yule log.
Oh, poor Alan. Did someone take away his toy?
Santa Tessa.
Santa Tessa isn't so friendly.
Mom dishing out some snowballs.
Time for more food.
Somehow most of this ice cream got left at my house! Can't say I mind though :)