Thursday, May 4, 2000

Collier/Johnson wedding!

The groom
There's the groom playing with the ants.

Poor ants.

Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson. The groom. What a stud!

Melissa Bisso
Melissa and the organist.

Melissa Bisso
Just Melissa. Thanks Melissa!!!!

Mike Wunderlich
Mike Wunderlich, the bestman, looking to cause trouble.

Mike Wunderlich
Still looking....

Alan Johnson
Is he nervous? Nah. Bored? Probably!

I think this is a new photographer....

Tessa Collier
Here comes the bride....

The newly weds
The kiss! (and lots of backs-of-heads)

The girls
The girls....

and the guys
and the guys! (and more backs-of-heads)

The Johnsons
The Johnsons! :)

Rosemary Collier & Mike Wunderlich
Rosemary Collier, the maid of honor, and Mike Wunderlich, the bestman.

Somebody's lap? Or pew decorations? Too many drugs maybe??

Now the guests line up....

More guests
More guests

Some quick bubble preparation

more guests
Getting ready....

Mike Heroux in the distance
The doors open....

Wedding party
Here comes the wedding party... (L-R: Mike Heroux, Amanda Johnson, Rosemary Collier, Mike Wunderlich, Ritti Suvilaisunthorn)

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Johnson!
Here come the newlyweds!!

Ahhh....I love bubbles!!

Alan Johnson
Getting in the limo

Tessa & Alan
A champagne toast

Tessa & Alan

Mike Wunderlich & Scott Sadlon
There goes the bestman in the sportiest car around!

Army/Navy Store
Who has the camera now???

On to the reception....