Photos from 2008

Christmas 2008
Christmas hugs
Wilder, VT: December 24/25, 2008
We hosted the Christmas festivities at our house this year and everyone had a great time.

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Atlantic Ocean
Eve and Tessa at the ocean
Wells, ME: August 2-3, 2008
On a spur of the moment invite, Eve and I jaunted off to Wells, Maine with a friend and her 11mo old daughter. The weather was far from beach-worthy, but we had fun anyway.

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Lex's 3rd Birthday
Mema, Eve and G'Tom
Wilder, VT: May 25, 2008
The weather held out for yet another beautiful birthday party for Lex. We had several of his friends over and lots of family. I set up kid-friendly activity stations and plenty of yummy food and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. The pictures are basically in three sets, one from Rosy's camera, my camera, then Joyce's camera. I was going to go through and reorder them all, but I don't really have the time or desire at the moment :) So you can see the party unfold three times. Enjoy!

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A trip to Franklin
Mema, Eve and G'Tom
Franklin, NY: April 15-18, 2008
Another fun trip to Franklin! I think we hit 5 playgrounds in 4 days. It was great! We also visited Aunt Rosy and went to the zoo. Lex liked the "car" strollers the best :) And we ate at yummy restaurant and Eve got her first taste of manicotti. Yum!

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Eve's 1st Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Eve!
Wilder, VT: March 31, 2008
Happy 1st Birthday Eve! We had a nice party with lots of people in our little house. Eve was a perfect guest of honor and everyone had fun.

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A beautiful storm
Wilder, VT: Feb/Mar 2008
Nothing too exciting just lots of pictures of us living life, attending a few birthday parties, a beautiful snow storm, kids playing, and Easter activities.

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